Monday, September 1, 2008

Serving a Moroccan Dinner

Traditionally a moroccan dinner is several courses in succession - salads, then a chicken tagine, followed by a vegetable tagine, and if it is Friday, an enormous couscous. Other days it would be a meat or fish dish. In modern Morocco, it is more likely to be salads, a variety of two or three, served with a single large tagine.
Bread is very important, and served with every meal. The traditional is a round flat loaf, served in wedges, to absorb the fabulous sauce from the tagine.
Dessert is usually fresh fruit, the best of what is in season - after a full moroccan dinner, nothing else could be managed!
Tea with fresh mint is the completion of the meal.

Recipes for simple single rise moroccan bread, and authentic mint tea, in the next post!

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